Our Story

Rupert and I found Redford Farm in September 2009. We were living and working in Bristol with 2 young children. We were looking for a new adventure and we found it here – a desperate, redundant and derelict Elizabethan farmhouse with 2 outbuildings and 12 acres of unmanaged land. It called to us and we answered. 

After 2 years of commuting between my parents’ house in Bucks and a static caravan on site, between us and our incredible team of builders, we had completed  the restoration to our farmhouse.  Then we were able to focus on the barns and start the journey of turning them into the atmospheric yet practical space we wanted them to be.

People often ask us about our design philosophy: we would say that we listen to the building and don't try too hard to change it. We have worked WITH the buildings and respected their life so far. This has meant all our restoration is very sensitive and in keeping with the farm. I think it is what has brought real warmth to the whole place now and people really feel it when they are here. The barns are authentic, inviting, and nostalgic while the farm itself and all its buildings together offer a real sense of the past. 

It has taken 5 incredibly demanding years to restore Redford Farm and we haven’t finished yet but now we adore providing a special home to guests to create their own memories in. That’s what it's all about for us. More than anything - we want to share the heritage and magic of Redford Farm with others and that makes it all worthwhile.